Pepla Software Solutions
Pepla introduction, an illustration of Elegant Software

Pepla is a Software Development company thriving on perfection.

Innovative Solutions
software solutions image, an illustration of software solutions image (round circle with infinity sign)
Pepla solves complex problems using
software techniques and innovation
Pepla is a software solutions company, we can build software from the ground up. Pepla has the skills to provide you with great software to optimise your business and ultimately give you more control and time to do the things you love.

Solve it.

Custom Software
custom software image, an illustration of custom software (round circle with chart)
We can build it to requirement
Optimised code performs better
We can build software to do just about anything. Pepla uses the latest techniques to make sure you get a superior quality product.

Code it.

Total Integration
integration software image, an illustration of integration (round circle with cloud)
Move information between platforms
We can assist in integrating crossplatform
Pepla can move data from all over to a central location for processing and then present it as information.

Integrate it.

Location Aware
location marker image, an illustration of location (round circle with map marker)
Pepla provides location aware software
Tracking the internet of things
We can display your data spatially, and manage assets or "things" on the ground using advanced visualisation techniques.

Map it.

Responsive Websites
responsive mobile phone image, an illustration of responsive websites (round circle with phone showing website)
Pepla can build awesome websites
or web systems
We build cool interactive websites and systems that renders equally on all devices and that allows your company brand to reflect your image online.

Experience it.

Scaffolding Techniques
Speedometer image, an illustration of rapid development (round circle with Speedo)
Generating common code layers to save costs
Get it done quicker
Pepla generates some of the code layers to save time and to spend more time on the things that matter.

Finish it.

neatly packed items on floor, an illustration of process of methodology (fullscreen grayed out image frosted glass heading)
Be Efficient.
Ruler and Piechart image, an illustration of Business Analyses (round circle with Ruler and Chart)
Pepla Analyses the business
Gather business requirements
Pepla can analyse your business and come up with a requirements specification document.

Document it.

Pencil image, an illustration of Software Design (round circle with Pencil)
Design the Solution
Document the Results
We will design the solution and help you decide on technologies before development starts and also make sure the solution fits in your environment.

Design it.

experiment boiling image, an illustration of writing code (round circle with experiment)
Build the software solution
Using latest technology
Time to code and do it right the first time round, pepla has highly qualified software developers.

Develop it.

shield image, an illustration of testing code to shield against bugs (round circle with shield)
Test the software solution
More testing equals less maintenance
We will test the solution using white box testing, and test cases to try and avoid bugs.

Test it.

cloud with up arrow, an illustration of uploading or rolling out software to production (round circle with cloud up arrow)
Implement the Project
Roll out and deployment sorted
Pepla can handle the implentation and deployment to your environment and help you set up the environment.

Deploy it.

Maintenance, an illustration of supporting code or websystems (round circle with screwdriver)
Need Changes ?
We will support the project
Pepla will support software system and be on standby to change code.

Support it.

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Our Services
Blue outsourcing picture, (Round circle with blue-outsourcing linked to the world)

Do you need a faster delivery?
Are you running at full-capacity?

We provide software outsourcing with an experienced and qualified team of specialists and offer a wide range of advanced solutions in developing software. We will offer you cost effective software outsourcing services, which will assist your business requirements. No matter what industry you are in or challenges you face, there‘s a good chance that Pepla can assist with your software development outsourcing needs.
Trolley/Basket image, an illustration of e-commerce(round circle with trolley/basket inside)
Are you looking for an E-commerce solution?
Online shopping is the key!
Do you want to start selling your products online? Increase your sales and customers now! The ability to be open 24/7 with instant processing of transactions. Increased business reach. Ease of collecting recurring payments. Our experienced and qualified team can help you set-up your online store .
Web Development
Web design image, an illustration of web designing (round circle with mac,ipad and iPhone in one)
Success in your business starts with a professional web design.
Your public image is closely tied to your website look and feel.
We Specialise in Website Design and Web Development. Leave it to our experienced and qualified team of specialists to design your website to your specific company needs. We believe that a website design should reflect your industry, level of professionalism and target your client's needs.
Hosting image, an illustration of hosting  (round circle with 3 servers next to one another Red/Green/Yellow)
Let us take care of your hosting requirements
We provide dedicated hosting at a fraction of the cost.
We provide Fast, Secure, Reliable and affordable hosting, with simple domain registration, as well as unlimited web traffic. We will offer you first class web hosting. Our hosting environment has been proven to be stable and reliable. Pepla will offer you a secure and affordable web hosting solution with regular backups. Ensuring that your website loads with no hassle.
Technology, a laptop sitting at a desk illustrating the technology pepla uses (fullscreen laptop at desk frosted glass)
Pepla uses technology to give you the edge.
Software Development Language, an illustration of ASP.NET and MVC as a Rocket flying (round image rocket)
Coding in ASP.NET web forms
and model view controller
Pepla can code ASP.NET Forms or MVC utilising C# as a programming language.

Code it.

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
Client Side Technologies, an illustration of HTML5, CSS3 and JQUERY as a Badge (round image badge)
Using the latest web technology
to build great systems
CSS 3 is reponsible for all the moving elements on this page, with some jQuery and javascript.

HTML it.

Bootstrap Image, an illustration of the Bootrap framework (round image with capitol B)
Build it for all devices
Bootstrap responsive framework
Bootstrapping is required to make your site work on all platforms. display your site on mobile, tablet and desktop using a single site.

Bootstrap it.

MS SQL, Oracle
Database Image, an illustration of a Database three cylindrical discs (round image with database)
Designing relational databases
to store and process data
Store your information in a structured way that allows interaction between entities. Datamining: We can mine databases to find undiscovered patterns in the data. We support Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Store it.

Web Services
Gear Image, an illustration of a Web Services via Gear (round image with Gear)
Service orientated architecture
assuring central processing
Service orientated architecture will allow for robust centralised system that can be easily maintained.

Centralise it.

Make an App
Mobile Phone, an illustration of a Pepla Mobile App Development Services via iphone image (round image with iphone)
We can build native, hybrid or web applications
Got a cool idea for an App?
Have a great idea for an App? we can build your app on iOS or Andriod.

App it.

Drupal PHP
Drupal, an illustration of a Drupal (round image with Drupal inside)
Drupal, an illustration of a Drupal (round image with Drupal inside)
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Our Clients
University of Stellenbosch logo,(round circle with Univeristy of Stellenbosch' logo)
University of Stellenbosch
RADAR - Research Alliance for Disaster and Risk Reduction(round circle RADAR - Research Alliance for Disaster and Risk Reduction logo)
Research Alliance for Disaster and Risk Reduction
SFD (round circle SFD logo)
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Meet Our Team
More about Johann
I am a software developer by design, I believe my life’s purpose is to improve it one line of code at a time. Founding Pepla is one of the best things I have experienced. I code most langauges and can help with software architecture and solutions design.
More about David
I am a Director and Senior Software Developer at Pepla Software Solutions. I love to explore new technologies especially mobile technologies that is forever changing. My mission in software development is to assist with change, change in the software landscape, change in helping end users achieve their optimal goals. #FamilyMan #TwinDad #DogLover #SportsLover #ACDC #IamBatman
More about Hansie
I’m a Software Developer by Profession, an Electronic Engineer by heart. When I’m not working on software or messing around with my soldering iron, you can find me on a 4x4 Trail. Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.
More about Jean
From building and programming my own quad copter flight controller to web development. I love the challenge of creating something with a computer and a cup of coffee. I have experience in networking, desktop and printer support, data recovery and software development. As a hobby I love messing around with Arduino’s, ESP32’s, Raspberry Pi’s and 3D printing.
More about Charl
I'm a problem solver by design and enjoy a good challenge that is why I decided that the logical thing to do was to study Computer Systems Engineering and make coding my lifes' addition to programming, other interests that stimulate me include hiking (I walk everywhere), history, reading (mostly non-fictional books on history), seeing live bands, making noise on guitar and quizzing.
More about Louis
I am fascinated by technology and the advances that the world has made therein, especially in artificial intelligence. I enjoy building software because it allows me to partake in or technological future. I enjoy a good braai, golf, online gaming and time with my family.
More about Melanie
I am the business analyst for Pepla. What do I do, except for "analysing a business"? I am the middleman who prevents clients and developers from having long and dreadful meetings. I am the one who looks into things when someone says "We should look into that". I enjoy hiking, I love animals, music as well as watching sports and series (superheroes and zombies all the way)!
More about Tiaan
Software Developer by day, cook by night. Coding is passion not work. I either win or learn something new. Respect your code and discipline will come naturally.
"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
– Albert Einstein
More about Montie
Software development has always been one of my passions, being part of a great team here at Pepla has allowed me to grow this passion into a successful career. I am passionate about being a team player and taking on any challenge that gets thrown my way. My hobbies include music movies and video games.
More about Raymond
Hi there! I am a Software Developer at Pepla Software Solutions. I am very interested in the discovery- and proper use of the latest technologies in programming and to see what the future holds for us as humankind. “I could either watch it happen or be a part of it” – E.M. My hobbies are: Playing guitar, watching TV FOR RUGBY ONLY, having a great braai or playing FIFA a bit too much. My favourite superhero: Spider-Man.
More about Hennie
Software Dev and passionate about it. I enjoy improving my skills and learning new technologies. In my free time I enjoy playing video games, reading fantasy books and playing action sports.
More about Chantel
Software development is one of my passions. I enjoy that there is always more than one way to solve a problem and you will never stop learning because there is always a better way. Also enjoy working in a team and get to see how things always just come together. For fun I enjoy hiking and doing outdoor things as long as it has not involved heights.