Twitter Data Extraction

Pepla Provides Twitter Data Extraction as a Service.

Extract Social Media
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We interface to the Twitter Firehose to
extract Data on your behalf.
We are Accessing the Firehose via our authorised reseller partner, and extraction occurs via automated processes. Let Pepla Provide you with a dataset to analyse.

Solve it.

Affordable Pricing
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We have reduced the cost of extracting tweets by automating processes
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Various Formats
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We can Provide the Extracted information in various formats

All Major Formats supported: SQL, CSV, TXT, XLS

Location Aware
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Pepla provides locations of tweets
Tracking Social Media
We can display your data spatially using advanced visualisation techniques.
Social Media Analyses
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We can help you analyse the "big data" we extracted.
We work with Universities in South Africa on analysing disasters and the reaction it had on social media.
Fast Turn Around time
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We have experts that can get it done quickly.
Speedy Delivery of Data and Analyses.